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Hello Tanya and Family! We enjoyed your sitting very much and trust that y'all have pleasant memories as well. These are the best poses that Veda and Kathleen edited out.  We are able to do digital art work and replace heads, bodies, hands, etc. for an extra charge.  If you want that please call us.  This is the link to our regular prices -   .

This page is a private page just for you and whoever you want to see it, so it is not linked or accessable from our main web site.  Please keep this link handy.  You can e-mail it to someone just by going to the "File" menu, then "Send", then click on "Link by E-mail".  You can get to our main site by clicking on the links above, but to get back to this page click your back button or after our main URL type    /xxxxyournamexxxx.htm    i.e. . (The x before the name is to keep the page more private.)

Call Kathleen if you have any questions and to place your order at 936-569-6959 (10AM to 9 PM).  If there is a problem with the web page let me know.  I bought  a new high end scanner, but it's not working well.  The pictures are fuzzy - I'm sorry about that, but your portraits will be great.  The quality on the web is not going to be anywhere near a real photograph.  I hope you are able to get a good idea about the portraits.  -Terry & Kathleen














#16 Base Negative  - will replace Barbara and Tanya's baby.

#16 Base Negative

#10 to take out Barbara and baby and put in base above.

#10 to take out Barbara and baby and put in base above.

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