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When Love and Skill are Combined,

Expect a Masterpiece.

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IMAGES by Terry Lewis

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We would be happy to talk to you.  If you would like to contact us, WE WOULD PREFER YOU GIVE US A CALL or send snail mail to us.  Please note that with all of the email spam that we get it sometimes takes a long time to check our email.  Right now we get approximately 1500 to 2000 spam emails a week and my anti-spam software sometimes deletes good mail (false positives).  We will and do check our email, but it seems not as reliable.  It takes us many hours a week to check email, which would be better used to produce your portraits.



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We are sorry for the extra trouble emailing us, but we must do this to fight the spam email.

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All images ©Terry Lewis. All rights reserved. No form of reproduction of an image, including copying or saving of digital image files, or the alteration or manipulation of said image files, or the reproduction, alteration or manipulation of prints, is authorized unless accompanied by a written sales invoice issued by Terry Lewis granting specific usage rights for an agreed fee. All images and documents displayed on this Site ( and are copyrighted by Terry Lewis and may not be legally reproduced without prior written authorization from the photographer beyond the screen you are currently viewing. The photographs are not freeware.  THIS IS OUR SOLE MEANS OF EARNING A LIVING.  WE HAVE DIGITAL TRACKING INFO EMBEDDED IN EACH PHOTOGRAPH.  For information regarding commercial or personal uses, please contact Terry Lewis at  or (936) 569-6959.